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Technology of Compacted Wire Rope

Date:2019/3/23 8:52:43 Compacted steel wire rope, especially high strength, high toughness and high performance steel wire rope, has been constantly added to the demand of domestic and foreign market, and its application field has expanded rapidly. It has a growing market prospect. This kind of wire rope is the product developed and developed by famous wire rope companies both at home and abroad. It is also the most important product of wire rope imported from abroad by professions such as port handling, engineering construction, coal mining and non-ferrous metals. Compacted steel wire rope has a high technical content, and has the basic conditions to develop into high-end steel wire rope products.
The standard API9A-1995 for forged wire rope at home and abroad has the following statement: "Rotating die is the most common method for compacting wire rope, although other processing methods can also be used. The deformation of wire and strand in the rope results in a relatively flat and wear-resistant appearance. Compacted wire rope is usually equipped with compacting tools. It has good abrasion resistance, kneading resistance and high pulling force, but fatigue life can be reduced by compaction.
_Domestic steel wire rope produced by die-drawing and roll-rolling process is relatively well known, but little is known about forging process. API 9A-1995 Chen said that it is down-to-earth and scientific, and has guiding significance for the development of forging steel wire rope in China.

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